"Flight Simulation, For serious Pilots its not a game"


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FSXMultiplay is the perfect place to practice

Welcome to FSXMultiplay.

We are a likeminded community of aviation enthusiasts consisting of ordinary people from civil, military or professional  backgrounds who aspire to be somewhat competent in the use of modern avionic packages be it in a simulated or real world application.

Regardless of your skill set, practice makes perfect, a good simulation platform allows repeated attempts at unfamiliar approach procedures or simple circuits at your favourite aerodrome. Even if you are a realworld aviator, it is more practical and safer to utilise a simulator than giving it a bash in the realworld. And I dare say cheaper.

In our simulated multiplayer world we can create scenarios to test your skills to the fullest. So why not come and join us!

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How realistic are todays Flight Simulation platforms?



Flight Simulation in FSX or Prepar3D


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